We are committed to handcrafting high-quality products at a fair price. We believe in utilizing reliable, locally sourced, materials whenever possible to build products that will last for generations.

Woodgrown was born in our small one-car garage in Long Beach, CA in early 2020. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic with both of us temporarily out of work and some (read: a lot of) extra time on our hands, we decided to invest all that we could into our business.

Jeremy grew up working in his uncle's manufacturing shop where he learned woodworking and metalworking. He designs and builds each and every metal and wood product offered using materials made in the USA whenever possible. What initially started as a passion project for Jeremy, has quickly been recognized by interior designers, floral and plant designers, other small business owners, and home decor enthusiasts all over the U.S. Once married in August 2020 and bringing her engineering and project management experience with her, Hannah joined the Woodgrown team to manage the daily operations and help grow the business.

 We have since moved out of that one-car garage (yay!) and into a larger manufacturing space in Huntington Beach, CA where all of our metal and wood products are manufactured for both retail and wholesale.

While we are certainly not the first company that finds value in filling spaces with plants and decor that you love, we believe that the quality of our products is unmatched. And if that's not enough, every Woodgrown purchase made supports several other small businesses and suppliers that we work with. As 1% for the Planet members, 1% of our sales go to non-profit organizations working to preserve and restore the natural environment that we care so deeply about.


P.S. We'd love to hear from you! Click 'Contact Us' at the bottom of our site to share with us how we can help enhance your space.